Sauerkraut is from China!

March 26, 2012

After traveling around the world from country to country I decided to visit some of the countries I took most interesting in that I have created recipes from before. The other day my grandmother was making homemade sauerkraut. As she was whipping up this delicious creation I asked her where does sauerkraut come from. She thought it was a german or polish invention . However, after doing some online research we eventually found out it is from china! Weird huh?   As a matter of fact the chinese started eating sauerkraut when they were building the great wall of china. So I thought I would try whipping up my own batch of sauerkraut with my own ingredients and ways of doing things. This is what I came up with..



1.One head of cabbage



4. Knife

5.Cutting board

6. Old Bay


With knife Slice away the thick stem of the cabbage

With knife Slice away cabbage into pieces on cutting board

Put sauerkraut in a crock pot with 7 teaspoons of salt.

Let sauerkraut sit in crock pot for about 45 min or until sauerkraut starts giving off a liquid substance.

After the hour start mixing the sauerkraut with a spoon for about 5 mins

A big liquid substance should of formed in the crock pot.

Push the cabbage down and make sure the cabbage is under water so you may need to put something on top to keep it down. Let it sit like this for 5 mins

After you have done this place the sauerkraut in a cooled place (preferably your refrigerator for about 3 weeks)

After your 3 week cooking trial has ended add 2 teaspoons of old bay for a unique taste!

This will be made just in time for dinner..3 weeks from now !

If your is great try challenging this great grandmother with your sauerkraut recipe!

You can try this corn beef sandwich made with your sauerkraut!





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